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The Asian Weight Loss Cookbook

The 15 Fat Burning Meals Cookbook features our favorite recipes that you can use to get closer to your fitness goals.

If you’re struggling with weight loss and want the step by step guidance on what you should eat, then this is the cookbook for you.

Within the book features the 5 Step Guide To See Your Abs with worksheets to create proper meal plans based on your fitness goals.

Whether your goal is to lose 20 pounds or to stay healthier overall, this cookbook will guide you through it quickly and effectively.

Become your own personal trainer with the guidance of this book and make this the year you achieve your insurmountable fitness goals.

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Are Korean Dumplings Healthy? (3 Tips For Weight Loss)

Are Korean Dumplings Healthy? In this article we discuss some weight loss tips along with what goes into your favorite Korean dumplings.

Is Tteokbokki Healthy? (3 Tips For Weight Loss)

Is Tteokbokki Healthy? In this article we talk about what goes into your favorite Korean meal and some tips to help you eat it while staying on track with your fitness goals.

Is Pad Thai Healthy? (3 Tips For Weight Loss)

Is Pad Thai Healthy? In this article we discuss the nutrition facts and the benefit of eating the correct amount of carbs and protein.

How Are Taiwanese People So Thin? (3 Tips For Weight Loss)

Have you ever wondered, “how are Taiwanese people so thin?” In this article we delve into what kind of lifestyle promotes weight loss and a thin figure.

How to Actually Get a Six Pack After 30

If you’re looking for answer on how to actually get in shape after the age of 30, then this article is for you. Find out about the things that you need to be aware of and start making a difference.

Which Taiwanese Foods Can Help Me Lose Weight? (7 Healthy Taiwanese Foods)

Taiwanese food has a variety of delicious foods but which dishes are the most effective when dieting? Find out about the 7 different Taiwanese dishes that help with weight loss.

Is Korean BBQ Healthy? (5 Tips For Weight Loss)

If Korean BBQ is one of your favorite foods to eat on the weekend then this blog is definitely the right fit for you. Find out how to eat Korean BBQ to lose weight in four easy steps.

Is Din Tai Fung Healthy? (3 Tips For Weight Loss)

Do you love eating dumplings at Din Tai Fung but are mindful of your fitness goals? Then this is the blog for you. Check out our 3 tips on how to stay healthy when eating at Din Tai Fung

Is Soondubu Healthy? (3 Tips For Weight Loss)

If you love Korean Tofu Soup then you want to know what goes inside this staple comfort dish. Here are 3 tips on how you can eat your favorite Korean soup with no guilt!

Is Takoyaki Healthy? (3 Tips For Weight Loss)

Takoyaki is a delicious and tradition Japanese dish. However, "are they healthy?" In this article we go over what goes into your favorite Japanese dish and some tips on how you can eat Takoyaki while sticking to your fitness goals.

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